6 Easy Steps to a Personalised Wedding Guest Book

6 Easy Steps to a Personalised Wedding Guest Book

Wedding guest books with lots of heartfelt messages can be great keepsakes for the newlyweds. Afterall, that’s where the guests can write their sincere greetings, share marital advice, remind you of an inside joke or even make up a short poem. It’s great to see them speak from the heart, so inspire people to do so by using a personalised guest photo book as a centerpiece. Here’s a simple way to make one just in time for the big day.


Start with ZOOMBOOK Bookmaker tools. Consider how many guests will be attending and how much space you’d like to allocate for their greetings, then choose the book’s format accordingly. Don’t worry, you can add additional pages at any time. I recommend choosing matte finish for the pages, they’ll be easier to write on.


Choose a large high-quality photo of the newlyweds and use it for the cover. If the wedding ceremony is being held at a picturesque location, such as the beach or a lake house, add an eye-catching photo of the scenery. For a more classy look, pick a suede or artificial leather cover. It’s also a good idea to title your guest photo book if it suits your design.


Choose the best photos of the newlyweds to illustrate their love story and the road they’ve traveled together. Alternate between different photo layouts, place smaller photos in the center and leave blank spaces around them for the guests to fill. Otherwise, set a clear structure for each spread: fill one page with photos and leave the other one empty.


Pay attention to the background colour of the inner pages if that’s where the greetings will be written. Avoid colourful patterns or dedicate special areas for text so that it stands out from the background. Don’t forget to put enough pens next to the guest book! Choose silver or white sharpies for dark backgrounds.


Alternatively, make a wedding guest book with photos of those celebrating with you. Dedicate separate pages to bridesmaids and groomsmen, different family members, close friends and distant relatives, etc. If your book is going to be thick, add a table of contents so that the guests can find their pages quicker.


Nothing seems easy when you’re in a hurry. If you’re lacking inspiration or time to create your guest book from scratch, try this predesigned photo book template. All you have to do is drag and drop your photos into the empty spaces. Phew. That was quick, wasn’t it?

In case you’re looking for a unique gift for your soon-to-be-married friends, make a wedding guest book for them. It’ll be a pleasant surprise and you can immediately start filling its pages with lovely wishes.

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