Travel Photography Checklist for Ideas on the Road

Planning an adventurous trip or simply getting away from it all? Don’t forget to charge your camera and document your amazing journey. It’s fun to give yourself a challenge to capture a list of particular subjects, experiences and people. Here’s a free travel photo printable just for you! Click here for a high resolution file or pin the image below for future reference. Feel free to add your own ideas to the checklist. Happy photo hunting!

Travel Photography Checklist for Photo Ideas on the Road |


  1. packing your bags
  2. plane tickets and passport
  3. pointing your finger at a map
  4. people hiding from sudden rain
  5. hiking in a national park
  6. native animals grazing
  7. tasting the local cuisine
  8. a selfie at a famous landmark
  9. the view from your hotel balcony
  10. local markets and produce
  11. reading a book on the beach
  12. a silhouette in the sunset
  13. a narrow street of the old town
  14. your favourite souvenir
  15. a group selfie with the locals
  16. your feet in the sand
  17. a tiny person in majestic landscapes
  18. hitchhiking on the road
  19. a funny sign in a foreign language
  20. a bokeh photo of the city at dusk

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